Terms and Conditions

1. Scope

The following General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to the booking of and participation in language courses (hereinafter referred to as “course”) at Paroli Language School by the course participant. The terms and conditions of Paroli Language School apply exclusively. Any terms and conditions to the contrary are hereby expressly contradicted.

2. Conditions of participation for language courses

2.1 Currently offered courses including scope, content, dates, times and course fees can be found on the website of Paroli Language School.

2.2 A language level (A1, A2 etc.) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) comprises 8 weeks of 20 lessons each.

2.3 One lesson is 45 minutes.

2.4 The minimum age to participate in a course is 16.

2.5 Courses are offered regularly on weekdays (Monday to Friday). There are no classes on public holidays. The lessons missed as a result will not be made up at a later date.

2.6 The maximum number of participants in a course is ten, the minimum number of participants is three.

2.7 If the required minimum number of participants is not reached, Paroli Language School reserves the right to cancel the course. The registered participants will be informed as soon as possible. The course fee already paid will be refunded in that case. If both parties agree to still have the course, it will be conducted as a one-on-one training. In that case, the amount of the course fees is based on that of an individual training.

2.8 If less than 4 participants register for an intensive course, the course will take place with only 3 lessons per day, instead of the usual 4 lessons per day. This does not entail a reduction in the course fee.

2.9 In the event of a closure that is pandemic related, mandated by authorities, or due to force majeure, classes may continue on an online platform

3. Registration and reservation

3.1 Registration for a course must be made at least two weeks prior to the start of the course. This can be done in person or in writing via email.

3.2 Participation in intensive courses in the form of 1-2 week vacation courses is possible. This must be communicated at the time of registration prior to the start of the course.

3.3. After registering for the course, Paroli Language School will discuss the necessary details with the participant. Once these have been settled, the participant will receive a confirmation of registration and the invoice.

3.4 With confirmation of registration and invoice, the course is reserved for the participant for a maximum of seven days. During this time, payment of the course fee must be made in accordance with section 4.1. If no payment is made, the reservation is forfeited and Paroli Language School may give the place to another interested party. Paroli Language School is obligated to conduct the course only if the course fee has been received.

3.5 As soon as the maximum number of participants according to section 2.6 has been reached, no further registrations can be accepted.

3.6 Registrations are possible both in person and through a representative. If the registration is made by a representative, the same conditions apply as for a personal registration.

3.7 Paroli Language School reserves the right to schedule a vacation week. This will be communicated to the participants before they register for the course.

4. Payment of the course fee

4.1 Within seven days of course registration, fees for the booked course must be paid in full. This can be done by bank transfer to an account specified by Paroli Language School or in cash on site. Possible fees for foreign bank transfers are not covered by Paroli Language School and will be charged separately to the participant.

4.2 Course and workbooks are not included in the course fees. The placement test and other materials are free of charge.

4.3 If a participant needs a booking confirmation, it will be sent upon request after payment of the course fees.

5. Interruptions

5.1 An interruption of the booked course is usually not possible. However, in exceptional cases, an interruption may be requested and approved in writing.

5.2 In the event of (partial) non-participation in a booked course, there is no entitlement to (partial) reimbursement of the money paid.

6. Postponement and cancellation

6.1 If participants are unable to attend the booked course, this must be communicated to Paroli Language School in writing without delay.

6.2 In case of postponement or final cancellation of a booked course, processing fees in the amount of 50 euros will generally be charged.

6.3. Irrespective of this, in case of cancellation up to 5 working days before the beginning of the course, Paroli Language School retains 50% of the paid course fee.; in case of cancellation within 2 working days before the beginning of the course, 80% of the course fee will be retained. In the event of cancellation after the start of the course, there is no right to a refund of the course fee already paid. In case the payment has not been made, the full course fee remains mandatory.

6.4 The date of receipt of the cancellation notice is regularly decisive for the date of cancellation. Any transfer fees that may arise in the event of a refund of the course fees are to be borne by the participant. These will be deducted and retained by Paroli Language School from the refund amount.

6.5 The course fee agreed upon at the time of registration is valid for a maximum of one year. In case of postponement to a later date, the then current prices apply. Any difference must be paid in arrears.

6.6 Should a participant have been issued a booking confirmation to apply for a visa and the visa has been rejected, the cancellation rules from section 6.2. and 6.3. do not apply. In this case, cancellation is possible by presenting the visa refusal. The refund of the course fee will be made upon presentation of the official document from the embassy.

7. Certificate of attendance

7.1 For the participation in a course of the language school Paroli, a certificate of attendance will be issued upon request after completion. This is only on the condition that at least 80% of the classes per course have been attended.

7.2 Paroli Language School is not a Telc, Goethe or Test-Daf examination center and is therefore not authorized to administer these specific examinations or issue certificates.

8. Accommodation

Paroli Language School supports the participants as far as possible in finding accommodation. The accommodation can be in a shared apartment or a single apartment. Participants are asked to let us know at least four weeks prior to the start of the course if they need help with the search. Paroli Language School does not guarantee the arrangement of accommodation.

9. Insurance

Paroli Language School expressly points out that insurance is compulsory in Germany. Die The participants have to inform themselves early on about the necessity of an international health, liability and accident insurance and are responsible for the conclusion of a valid insurance in Germany. Paroli Language School does not assume any liability for this area.

10. Data protection

10.1 Paroli Language School collects, processes and uses personal data of the participants in particular on the basis of consent, for the conclusion and fulfillment of the contract, on the basis of legal obligations or legitimate interests.

10.2 The participants agree that the data will be collected and processed for the proper performance of the services offered. Should the data also be used for advertising purposes or in social networks, separate consent must be obtained from the participants.

10.3 The participants can object to the use of their data at any time by sending an objection by e-mail to hallo@sprachschule-paroli.de.

10.4 Further details on data protection can be found in the privacy policy of Paroli Language School, which can be accessed on the website www.sprachschule-paroli.de.

11. Liability and compensation

11.1 Paroli Language School does not assume any responsibility for the supervision of participants, including minors.

11.2 Claims of the participants against Paroli Language School for damages, regardless of the legal grounds, are excluded, unless Paroli Language School, its legal representatives or vicarious agents act intentionally or grossly negligently or the claim for damages results from the violation of essential contractual obligations. In the latter case, Paroli Language School shall only be liable for compensation for typical foreseeable damage in the event of slight negligence. Liability for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health shall remain unaffected.

11.3 Any other claims by participants over and above this are excluded. Paroli Language School is not liable in particular for the failure of its services due to force majeure or other reasons beyond its control or for the failure to achieve a certain learning outcome. The specifications for achieving a course objective are based on many years of experience and may differ from the actual knowledge acquired in individual cases.

11.4 Paroli Language School is also not responsible for the loss of private belongings on the premises of the language school or outside during the leisure activities.

12. Placement test

Beforehand, the participants take a placement test to determine their language level. If the test result is below 60%, the participant is strongly advised to take a lower level to compensate for deficits.

13. Salvatory clause

13.1. Should individual provisions or formulations of these GTC be invalid, the remaining parts shall remain unaffected in their content and validity. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a legally permissible provision which comes as close as possible to the invalid provision in terms of content and economic effect.

13.2 In the event of any dispute as to the meaning or interpretation of any provision of the English version of these GTC, the German version shall prevail in case of doubt.

13.3 German law applies.

13.4 The place of jurisdiction is – as far as permissible – Leipzig.

Status: 01/2021