Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions of participation for language courses

1.1. A language course at Paroli Language School is defined as a unit of lessons. The respective dates, number and fees can be learnt from the latest information on the website of Paroli Language School.
1.2. A language level of GER comprises 8 weeks with 20 hours of instruction time per week.
1.3. One hour of instruction time lasts 45 minutes.
1.4. There will be no courses on public holidays.
1.5. The minimum number of participants is 3 participants (PT in the following). In case the number of PT is below that, the course may be cancelled. The paid fees will be reimbursed in such a case.
1.6. If less than 4 PT should register for an intensive course, the hours of instruction time will be 3 instead of the usual 4.
1.7. One course may consist of a maximum of 10 PT.


2. Registration

2.1. A registration for language courses is possible at any time. Registrations must be made in writing, online via our registration form or via e-mail.
2.2. Registrations can be made in person as well as by a deputy. If the registration is made by a deputy, the following conditions apply for registration.


3. Payment of course fees

3.1. The fees for the booked courses are payable when registering, two weeks before the beginning of the courses at the latest.
3.2. If you require a visa for a year, you have to pay for at least 5 German intensive courses in advance.
3.3. Participation in the form of 1-2 week-long intensive courses is possible. This needs to be arranged in advance of the course via e-mail or telephone.
3.4. Course and text books are not included in the course fees. Entrance fees and board during excursions is also not included. The assessment test and further materials are free of charge.
3.5. If PT requires a booking confirmation, Paroli Language School will send confirmation within five days after receipt of payment.


4. Interruptions

4.1. An interruption of the booked course is normally not possible. An interruption can be applied for in writing in case of an exceptional situation. This application has to be presented to Paroli Language School at least 7 days before the beginning of the course.
4.2. The is no right to compensation in case of (partial) non-participation in a booked or ongoing course.


5. Cancellation/Postponement

5.1. If the participant should be unable to participate in the booked course, then this needs to be communicated in writing to Paroli Language School before the date of the beginning of the course. The beginning of the course may then be postponed to the next date (or if desired to a later date) or be cancelled definitively.
5.2. The course fee agreed during registration is valid for a maximum of one year. The current prices apply in case of postponement to a later date. A possible imbalance must be repaid. 
In case of postponement or definitive cancellation a handling charge of 50 Euro becomes due.
5.3. If Paroli Language School sent a course confirmation to participant for a visa application, the course can only be cancelled if an official document of an embassy confirms refusal. Paroli Language School needs a scan or copy of official refusal in order to refund course fee.


6. Certification

Participants in courses of Paroli Language School receive upon request certificates following the courses if participation of at least 80% per booked course has been the case. Paroli Language School is not a Telc-, Goethe- or Test-Daf examination centre, therefore it is not authorised to perform such exams or issue such certificates.


7. Accommodation

We support our participants where possible in searching for accommodation. The costs for a room are between 250,00 and 400,00 Euro per month without board. The room can be part of a shared house or can be an apartment. Please inform us 4 weeks in advance before beginning of the course if you require assistance. Paroli Language School does not guarantee accommodation.


8. Insurance

Paroli Language School states explicitly that insurance is compulsory in Germany. Please obtain information in time from your insurance about the options for international health, liability and accident insurance.


9. Data protection

9.1. Paroli Language School undertakes measures to protect your data and to process personal data that has been submitted as part of the contractual agreement according to German federal data protection laws. Your data will not be passed on to third parties for advertising purposes.
9.2. If you register for one of our courses you agree to the storage of your data for internal purposes. This agreement can be revoked at any time. Please note that participation in one of our courses is not possible if you do not agree to our privacy policy.


10. Liability

10.1. Every PT is liable and especially culpable for any damages caused.
10.2. Paroli Language School is not liable for the cancellation of its services due to force majeure as well as for other reasons for which it is not responsible.
10.3. Paroli Language School shall assume no responsibility of safekeeping for PT of courses, including minors.
10.4. It is not liable for the loss of personal items within the facilities of the school or elsewhere during activities.


11. General conditions

11.1. Participation in language courses takes place at ones own risk.
11.2. An assessment test will take place on the first day of the course in order to assess the language level. If the result should be below 60%, the PT are strongly advised to book a lower level in order to compensate deficiencies.
11.3. Paroli Language School reserves the right to allow for one week of vacation. PT will be noticed of this period before booking a course via the website.
11.4. German law shall apply.
11.5. Leipzig is agreed as the place of jurisdiction.


12. Safeguard clause

Should parts of or single wordings of these conditions of participation be invalid, the content and validity of the remainder of this document remains unaffected. The invalid provision must be replaced by a legally permissible provision that most closely reproduces the content and the economic effect of the intended purpose.