Does every interaction feel like a game of charades? If you’re just beginning with German, our A1 course is right for you.


You know the basics, but is an in-depth conversation is still too tricky? Sign up for our A2 course!



You’ve been learning German for a while now and can express yourself well in easy situations, but your sentence structure is simple, and you still struggle to find the right words. Join our B1 course to learn more complex grammar and immerse yourself in the language.


You’ve finished level B1, and your head is spinning with all the theory. In our B1+ course, you’ll learn a reliable and practical approach to grammar. This course is held two evenings per week, with three lessons each evening.



You’ve completed a B1 course and can communicate well. Now it’s time for the fine tuning. Learn to debate and lead deeper conversations while broadening your vocabulary. This stage is important if you want to apply for a job or admission to a German university, and require a language certificate from TELC, Goethe, or TestDaF in the future. Sign up for our B2 course, and soon you’ll be able to keep up with the native speakers!


Your knowledge of German is very good. You have no trouble communicating in everyday life and with your friends, and can easily lead complex discussions. If you’d like to prepare for a language certificate exam at TELC, Goethe, or TestDaF, and want to come to grips with subtleties of vocabulary and grammar, then our C1 course is right for you.